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Texting has become the primary form of communication for youngsters in today’s world. Monitoring your child’s text messages may be quite beneficial in determining who your youngster is communicating with.

Knowing what sort of stuff your youngster shares with his buddy by reading his text messages might help you better understand your child. If your child is receiving any information that you believe is harmful, you can take the necessary steps to keep your child from being exposed to it.

For parents, the safety of their children is always their top priority, and by monitoring their children’s text messages, parents may learn what their children are up to behind their backs. It is also amongst the most productive methods for parents to be informed about what goes on in their child’s life. A call and SMS tracker can help you in this scenario.


You can utilize several apps to monitor your kid’s phone, but most of them do not allow you to do it without your child’s knowledge. To track other’s phones, permit me to introduce you to NEXSPY, the best phone tracker app without permission. It is the best family tracking app that you can use without your child’s knowledge. It can be operated on iOS and Android.

Why do you need to track calls and text messages?

Many parents inquire whether or not they should be monitoring their children’s phone, but they are also concerned about what they could discover. Sadly, tracking your child’s phone is the only method to determine whether your youngster is in any trouble.

It might be challenging to figure out what they’re doing on their electronic gadgets even when they’re in the same place as you. Here are several perks of using a call and message tracker.

Keeping track of all of your child’s phone conversations and messages to ensure that they are not in any danger is the best thing you can do for your child. Sexting is a federal crime in some countries across the globe. Despite this, some children continue to send and collect nudes through social media and video calls. It is regarded as child pornography, and the kid may face legal consequences due to their actions.


On the other hand, teens in relationships may feel forced to share nude pictures of themselves or do so inadvertently on social media. Even though these images appear to be innocent, there is always the risk that the relationship may end tragically. The photographs will be posted online as retaliatory measures.

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Monitoring and barring calls and messages will save your child a lot of trouble and keep them from being manipulated by strangers. Because kids are prone to divulging excessive information, it is simple for someone to take your child’s identity and use it to create credit card accounts or commit other types of fraud in their name. Addressing all these issues, using a child tracker app is not wrong, and we are here to explain how to monitor kids’ phones.

NEXSPY – Best call and message tracker app

NEXSPY lets you investigate what your child is doing on their phone while remaining completely undetected. You can monitor your child’s social media, track even iPhone messages and phone conversations.

In addition to conferring access to your child’s world, NEXSPY also provides you with the chance to protect your children from predators. You will view the messages that your child gets and filter out anything that you deem unsuitable for their age.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

In addition, you may follow the real-time position of the device as well as the device’s location history, allowing you to be aware of where your child is at all times. You can also access the multimedia items that your kid sends and receives on their device.

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Let’s take a look at several things you can do with NEXSPY:

Call tracking

Teenagers spend most of their time on their phones, and you can never be too sure who they are talking to. Most of them spend hours on end, and even when they are meant to be sleeping, you will find them giggling on the phone.

If you are worried about whom your child spends their time talking to and have tried talking to your child, and they are not forthcoming, NEXSPY can help you as it is a call and message tracker.

It is time to check out who your teen or teenager is talking to if they are continuously addicted to their cellphones and making long phone conversations, which causes you to be concerned. With NEXSPY’s excellent functions, you can keep track of their phone calls and get a good sense of whether or not something is wrong. Here is how NEXSPY can help you track your child’s calls:

  • View the specifics of every voice call in real-time.
  • View contact information for any missed calls.
  • With NEXSPY, you can see calls that your child is trying to hide by deleting them.
  • You will see who the caller was, how long the call was, and what time the call came through.
  • Download all call logs to have access to them later.

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SMS tracking

NEXSPY will also help you monitor your child’s texts messages on android and can even track iPhone messages. In my opinion, NEXSPY is the best answer to your query on how to control a kid’s phone. It is the most appropriate text spy app since it allows you to spy on your child’s behavior without them being aware of it.

Because it is an internet application, and its dashboard is easy to use, you will not have an excruciating time keeping up with your child. It enables users to access the online control panel from any browser on any device.

You may struggle to understand what your teenager will be texting because of their language, but you can always Google the meaning of the emojis you don’t understand. Here are some ways that NEXSPY gives you access to your child’s texts:

  • You can see your child’s SMS inbox and view the messages they send to other people.
  • You get to read the entire contents of all texts, not just the subject line.
  • See details such as contact names and numbers associated with SMS messages.
  • Get time and date stamps to know if your child is using their phone when they should not be.

Other features of NEXSPY

The introduction of social media has not only aided individuals in better expressing themselves, but it has also left them unprotected from a variety of societal problems. While using the Internet as an example, they are individuals who can torment children, or your child could be the bully who terrorizes another child.

Aside from bullying, your children may engage in conversation with a stranger attempting to entice them away from home. Parents prefer to know what their children are up to when using their smartphones for these and other reasons.

App screenshots demo features 1

Using a child tracker may appear to be a violation of their privacy, but it is one of the most straightforward methods to keep track of your child’s whereabouts at all times. NEXSPY is by far the best family tracking app as well as a call and message tracker. Here are other features that NEXSPY has:

  • You can trace the location of your child and check the location history of the target device.
  • You will receive keyword notifications. It will bring up-to-date about who your child talks to and what they talk about. If your child searches for a word they should not be, NEXSPY will alert you, and you’ll immediately be kept up to date. 
  • You can view your child’s social media messages and even track iPhone messages. NEXSPY gives you access to your child’s social media, meaning you will be aware if your child has a social media account that you do not know about.
  • It isn’t easy to access your child’s multimedia files without their knowledge. With this app, you can browse through your child’s files with ease.
  • You may also create restricted zones and get notifications when they enter them.
  • NEXSPY has stealth mode meaning your child will never know what you are up to.

Installing NEXSPY to track calls and SMS remotely

NEXSPY is a good parental control app and, of course, the best phone tracking app used without permission from the target. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select and purchase a subscription that fits your needs.
  3. You will receive a message from NEXSPY in your email.
  4. Get a hold of the device you desire to control and install NEXSPY following the guide you got in your email.
  5. Log into your user dashboard and start monitoring the online activity of the phone you have under surveillance.
Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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The takeaway

Parenting is all about making sure that your child is safe. It is possible to obtain critical insight into your child’s life by monitoring what is occurring on their phone and ensuring they are not in any potentially dangerous situations.

However, even while you can keep an eye on them when using their computer at home, paying attention to what they are doing when using their phone is considerably more difficult. With phone tracking, you can keep an eye on your adolescent and ensure that they are where they are meant to be. Whether they say they’re staying late at school to work on a project, you can monitor their phone to see if they’re actually there or somewhere else. NEXSPY allows you to monitor your child’s calls and texts anonymously to protect your child’s safety. In short, NEXSPY is the best family tracking app you can get out there.

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