5 Best WhatsApp Hacking Apps Free Download for 2021

WhatsApp is one of the most famous and popular messaging apps in current use. With the increasing impact of social media in our lives, WhatsApp has practically become the one universal platform that everyone uses. If you are planning to hack the WhatsApp account of your children to keep them away from cybercrimes and also maintain their online safety, a WhatsApp hack app can be of great help.

The spying apps or keyloggers will safeguard your identity and nobody will ever be able to know that you are spying on them. Parents do feel anxious about their kids’ safety on an online platform. Having a peek into their WhatsApp messages can keep the parents informed of what the kids are up to. If you are up to a WhatsApp hack download software, then this task can become all the easier for you. Just by following a few simple steps, you shall be able to read the WhatsApp messages (text and multimedia). 

NEXSPY is one of the leading keyloggers you can probably get hold of. It is also one of the most comprehensive parental control and employee monitor apps.

NEXSPY – The best WhatsApp hacking app

How Useful is NEXSPY Whatsapp Tracker?

3 Day Free Trial with Full Features

NEXSPY offers a plethora of useful features to all its users. All you have to do is get a NEXSPY premium license and you will be easily able to hack WhatsApp messages of any target device. NEXSPY is offering a 3 days free trial with all its features.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

This is a special offer for customers to realize the potential of this spying application. In these 3 days of trial time, you can use the WhatsApp spying feature and explore how NEXSPY is performing or whether it is living up to your expectations. NEXSPY administrators are absolutely sure that NEXSPY will perform and surpass your expectations. 

Track all WhatsApp Chats (messages, call, photo)

Using NEXSPY, you can track the information from all instant messaging applications including Whatsapp. The person would not even know and you should be able to successfully and stealthily track all the messages sent and received through WhatsApp on your target device.

whatsapp messenger demo features

Not only text messages, but NEXSPY allows users to also track multimedia messages like photos, videos, and voice clips that are sent or received. Using NEXSPY, you can also track the WhatsApp call log. The time and date of each phone call made through WhatsApp can be easily accessed using the most efficient keylogging interface – NEXSPY. 

See the Time and Date of Each Conversation

NEXSPY is an ideal platform for tracking the entire information from WhatsApp. You can use NEXSPY to practically know anything and everything about someone’s WhatsApp account.

You can have a detailed history of the date and time of every message, every call, and all other activities mediated through WhatsApp. That means NEXSPY now makes the task of WhatsApp spying easy as a pie. NEXSPY users can now conduct all their spying activities with utmost privacy.

NEXSPY is eventually better than most of the WhatsApp hack apps because it provides complete ease of use and accessibility. You don’t have to be gadget freak or tech savvy to use NEXSPY. It comes with an easy to use interface.

Access Collected Data Remotely from Your Online Account Portal 

Once you have the NEXSPY premium license, you shall also have your operational NEXSPY account. Usually, just after you purchase the license from NEXSPY, you shall have to enroll in an official email id and you will get all your login credentials sent there from NEXSPY.

NEXSPY dashboard

Using these credentials, you can make an entry into your account. Along with your account, you shall have an associated online account portal which is similar to an online dashboard where all the spying data will be available in a synchronized way. You can have access to any of those data at the time of need. It is like a cloud, where everything remains stored for access.

More features of NEXSPY

Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Calls

By using NEXSPY’s features, you can easily monitor the incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. You can have complete access to the entire call list – the numbers, call timings, call duration, and practically every other detail.

View Text and Multimedia Messages

NEXSPY allows you to track the messages sent and received through all the instant messaging apps including WhatsApp. You can track all the text and multimedia messages sent from the device – normal SMS messages or messages, made through any instant messaging apps. NEXSPY also provides users with a complete date and time log of the text and multimedia messages. 

Track Website History

Want to know about the browser searches of your children or employees to keep track of whether they are getting into something troublesome? NEXSPY is the best platform for you. Now track the website history of the target device easily with the NEXSPY keylogger

Block Inappropriate Content and Application

NEXSPY even allows you to block inappropriate contents and applications on the target device. NEXSPY greatly helps to keep a close check on the wards. It is indeed a truly helpful WhatsApp hack app.

Track Current GPS Location

With the NEXSPY live location tracking and GPS information tracking facility, you can easily know where your children or employees are all the time. This allows parents or employers a great deal. As parents, you shall be able to monitor your kids even better.

Monitor All Other Instant Messengers (IMs) Including Facebook, Snapchat, Skype

Using NEXSPY, you can monitor messages sent through not only WhatsApp but a plethora of other instant messaging apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Hike, and practically all other commonly used messaging platforms.

Top 5 WhatsApp Hacking Apps



NEXSPY is one of the leading apps which helps you to easily and stealthily hack someone’s WhatsApp messages. Using NEXSPY, you can easily get the whereabouts of someone’s WhatsApp messages with the complete details of date and time.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

You can monitor all the multimedia messages, calls, and every bit of information sent or received through WhatsApp on your target device. NEXSPY is one of the most affordable and accessible options if you want to hack WhatsApp messages stealthily.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

2. mSpy

This is one of the best WhatsApp hacking apps best suited for Android and iPhone. It is one of the most famous and globally accepted spywares. Multiple features of this app make it perfect for use. First of all, this spyware uses a user-friendly interface and anyone and everyone can use it easily. It performs the spying task with complete expertise.


You have practically zero risks of getting caught while spying. You can hack the target device and read all the WhatsApp messages sent and received through the target device’s WhatsApp account. The messages not only include text messages but also every kind of multimedia message and you can even trace the calls made through WhatsApp. mSpy also allows the user to hack and track messages sent through Facebook, Skype, and other messaging applications if you use mSpy Premium.


3. Spyic

Spyic is also known as your secret spying partner is an integrated and upgraded tool that is perfect to hack WhatsApp messages of the target device. The affordability of this tool is making it one of the best spying tools in the market. It is extremely efficient and cheap.


Spyic is compatible both on Android and iOs devices. You can easily install this on your phone and it takes only 2 MB of space. You can remotely track the WhatsApp messages and calls of any target device with the help of Spyic. No rooting is required on the android device for using the Spyic app. Spyic works uninterruptedly on any android or iOS device without interrupting any background application. You can easily hack someone’s messages by Spyic and it comes with swift and easy installation.


4. Clevguard

Hack into the WhatsApp account of the target device remotely by using the Clevguard WhatsApp hack app. It is extremely easy to use and affordable as well. Now you can use Clevguard – one of the best Whatsapp Hack Download Software to trace all details of a target device.



XNSPY allows you to complete accessibility and privacy. XNSPY is great for beginners because it does not use any complex way of monitoring. You can easily view all the WhatsApp messages of the target device without them knowing at all. In no way will the person be able to know about your presence. It works in the hidden mode and does not torment the functioning of any other app. You can get a fully detailed summary of the WhatsApp messages including their date and time of delivery and reception.


With XNSPY you can also monitor the use of particular words in the texts or messages. You can get notified when any particular word is being used. Also, if the backup is present, you can easily access the deleted messages as well. XNSPY Whatsapp Hack app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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