5 best websites to catch a cheater

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Are you suspicious about your partner's behavior? Do you have a gut feeling that they may be cheating on you? In today's digital age, it has become easier for people to communicate and connect with others, making it harder to catch a cheater. But fear not, because technology can also be your ally in uncovering the truth.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 best websites that can help you catch a cheater. These websites are specifically designed to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to investigate and gather evidence of infidelity. From monitoring your partner's text messages and phone calls to tracking their location, these websites offer a range of features to help you uncover the truth.

Whether you want to catch a cheater for your own peace of mind or to confront your partner with concrete evidence, these websites can be invaluable in your pursuit of the truth. So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of digital detective work and explore the 5 best websites to catch a cheater. 

The best website to catch a cheater

In this section, we will provide an overview of each website, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and offer a comparison to help you make an informed decision. Whether you're looking for evidence or peace of mind, these websites can assist you in determining the truth about your partner's fidelity. 

1. SpyBubble – Best for catching a cheating spouse

SpyBubble is an exceptional website that offers an advanced spy app designed to help individuals catch cheating spouses. With its comprehensive range of features, competitive pricing, and user-friendly interface, SpyBubble stands out as the ultimate solution for those seeking to uncover the truth in their relationships.


SpyBubble is a renowned website that provides a powerful spy app capable of monitoring various activities on a target device such as smartphones or tablets. It operates covertly, allowing users to discreetly track calls, messages, social media activities, GPS location, and more, providing critical evidence to confront a cheating partner.

Features of SpyBubble 

SpyBubble's most prominent feature is its ability to catch cheating spouses and partners. The app offers unmatched monitoring capabilities, allowing users to gather irrefutable evidence of infidelity. Whether it's monitoring call logs, reading text messages, or tracking location history, SpyBubble provides the necessary tools to uncover the truth.

  • Call and Message Monitoring: SpyBubble enables users to access call logs, including the time, duration, and contact details. 
  • GPS Location Tracking: The app provides real-time GPS location tracking, ensuring users always know the whereabouts of the target device. 
  • Social Media Monitoring: SpyBubble allows users to monitor social media activities on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Tracking messages, posts, and multimedia files can offer significant clues about an unfaithful partner's actions.
  • Web Browsing History: With SpyBubble, users can access the target device's web browsing history.
  • Stealth Mode: SpyBubble operates in stealth mode, ensuring that its presence on the target device remains completely hidden. 

Price of SpyBubble

SpyBubble offers flexible pricing options to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. The website provides different subscription plans, including monthly, quarterly, and yearly options. The pricing ensures that users have access to the app for the desired duration without breaking their budget.

12 months full pack$12.49/month
3 months full pack$29.99/month
1 month full pack$49.99/month

Pros and cons of SpyBubble

Powerful features for catching cheating spousesRequires physical access to the target device for installation
Real-time GPS trackingCertain advanced features may require rooting or jailbreaking the device, which may void warranty
Discreet operation with stealth modeCompatibility limited to specific operating systems and devices
Comprehensive social media monitoring
Competitive pricing options

SpyBubble offers an impressive range of features that make it the go-to solution for catching cheating spouses. With its advanced monitoring capabilities, competitive pricing, and discreet operation, SpyBubble has established itself as the best choice for those seeking to uncover the truth in their relationships.

Try SpyBubble

2. GEOfinder – Best for catching a cheater using a phone number

GEOfinder is a comprehensive location tracking service designed specifically to catch cheaters. With its advanced technology, this service allows users to track the real-time location of individuals by simply entering their phone number. Whether you suspect your partner is being unfaithful or want to keep an eye on your children's whereabouts, GEOfinder provides you with the necessary tools to uncover the truth.

GEOfinder mobi

The highlight of GEOinder lies in its ability to accurately track the location of cheaters using their phone numbers. By entering the targeted phone number into the GEOfinder platform, you gain access to a detailed map indicating the precise location of the individual. This information can prove invaluable when confronting someone engaging in dishonest behavior, allowing you to gather concrete evidence of their actions.

Best features of GEOfinder

  • Real-Time Location Tracking: GEOfinder provides up-to-the-minute updates on the target's location, ensuring you always have the most current information.
  • Historical Location Data: In addition to real-time tracking, GEOfi
  • nder also stores historical location data, allowing you to review past movements and patterns.
  • Geofencing: With GEOfinder, you can set virtual boundaries called geofences. If the target crosses these boundaries, you will receive instant notifications, alerting you to their actions.
  • Compatibility: GEOfinder works with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that you can track cheaters regardless of their chosen platform.

Price of GEOfinder

GEOfinder.mobi is a robust phone number tracker that allows you to identify the precise location of any phone number on a map regardless of the mobile network. The cost of GEOfinder.mobi is $49.99 per month. By default, the monthly subscription is not automatically renewed. There is no GEOfinder Free Trial Offer, but there is a 1-day trial for $0.98

Pros and cons of GEOfinder

Accurate and real-time location tracking.The service may raise ethical concerns about privacy and consent. Ensure you adhere to legal guidelines and obtain the necessary permissions before using GEOfinder.
Historical location data for a comprehensive overview of the target’s movements.Pricing plans may be prohibitive for some users, particularly those with limited budgets.
Geofencing feature for instant notifications when the target crosses specified boundaries.
Compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

GEOfinder is a powerful service designed to track cheaters by their phone numbers. With its precision location tracking, historical data, and geofencing features, GEOfinder equips users with the necessary tools to confront dishonest behavior. However, it's important to consider the ethical implications and pricing plans associated with using this service. 

Try GEOfinder

3. CheckPeople – Best for exposing cheater

Cheating in relationships is unfortunately a common occurrence, and suspicions can often leave individuals feeling helpless and unsure of how to uncover the truth. However, with the rise of technology, there are now powerful tools available that can help catch cheaters and expose their deceptive actions. CheckPeople is one such website that stands out in this regard, offering a wide range of features that make it one of the best websites for catching cheaters.


CheckPeople is not your average background check website. What sets it apart is its ability to pinpoint lies and confirm suspicions with precision. It accomplishes this by uncovering hidden social media accounts, blogs, images, and websites linked to a phone number. This means that even if a cheater tries to hide their online activities, CheckPeople can reveal the truth.

Key features of CheckPeople

  • Background Checks: CheckPeople offers comprehensive background checks that delve into a person's criminal records, employment history, education, and more. This feature is particularly useful when trying to gather information about a suspicious individual.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: Unmasking a cheater becomes easier with the reverse phone lookup feature. By simply entering a phone number, CheckPeople can provide valuable information such as the owner's name, address, and even social media profiles associated with that number.
  • Deep Web Search: The deep web search capability is what truly sets CheckPeople apart. It scours over six billion public records, including information not easily accessible on the surface web. This means that even if a cheater has tried to hide their activities, CheckPeople can uncover hidden details, exposing their true intentions.

Price of CheckPeople

CheckPeople offers flexible pricing options to suit different needs. The service provides unlimited background check searches for a fixed monthly fee, starting from $29.16 per month. Additionally, there is a three-day trial period available for a small fee of $4.99, allowing users to test out the platform's features before committing to a subscription.

Pros and cons of CheckPeople

CheckPeople offers a comprehensive range of features, making it a one-stop solution for uncovering cheating and lies.The pricing might be considered slightly high for some individuals.
The deep web search capability ensures that even hidden information is brought to light.While CheckPeople excels at uncovering online activities, it may not be able to provide real-time updates on cheating partners.
The unlimited background check searches provide excellent value for money.

When it comes to catching cheaters, CheckPeople is undoubtedly one of the best websites available. Its unique features, including hidden social media account discovery and deep web search, make it an invaluable tool for exposing lies and confirming suspicions. Despite a slightly higher price point, the unlimited background checks and comprehensive search capabilities make CheckPeople well worth the investment for those seeking to catch cheaters and find the truth. 

4. TruthFinder – Best for searching public records

In today's digital age, finding out the truth about someone can be as easy as a few clicks away. TruthFinder, a leading online public records search service, stands out as one of the best sites to catch cheaters. With its extensive database and powerful search capabilities, it offers users a comprehensive solution to uncover hidden truths. 


TruthFinder leverages its vast database to provide users with access to public records, including arrests, convictions, court records, and more. This feature allows individuals to dig deep into someone's past and uncover any potential red flags.

What sets TruthFinder apart is its ability to search for dating profiles and hidden social media accounts linked to the search subject. This feature can be particularly useful for those who suspect their partner is cheating and want to gather evidence.

For an additional fee, TruthFinder offers unlimited searches by phone number and email address. This feature allows users to dig even deeper and connect the dots to find the truth.

Features of TruthFinder

  • Public Record Access: TruthFinder provides users with detailed public records, including criminal records, arrest records, marriage and divorce records, and more. This information can be crucial in catching cheaters and uncovering hidden secrets.
  • Report Quality Score: TruthFinder goes the extra mile to ensure accuracy by providing a “report quality score” for each search result. This score helps users assess the reliability and trustworthiness of the information they find.

Pricing of TruthFinder

TruthFinder offers flexible pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The basic monthly subscription starts at $28.05, providing access to all the features mentioned above. Additionally, users can opt for the reverse phone lookup feature at an affordable rate of $4.99 per month.

Pros and cons of TruthFinder

Extensive database of public recordsAdditional fees for unlimited phone and email searches
Ability to uncover dating profiles and hidden social media accountsSubscription-based pricing may not be suitable for one-time users
Unlimited searches by phone and email (for an additional fee)
Report quality score for assessing accuracy
User-friendly interface and intuitive search process

TruthFinder stands out as one of the best sites to catch cheaters due to its comprehensive access to public records, dating profiles, and hidden social media accounts. With its advanced features and accurate search results, users can uncover the truth and make informed decisions. 

5. Instant Checkmate – Best for detailed, easy-to-understand reports

Are you suspicious that your partner may be cheating on you? If so, Instant Checkmate is the website you need. With its detailed, easy-to-understand reports, this service stands out as one of the best tools to catch a cheater. Let's take a closer look at what makes Instant Checkmate the go-to choice for those seeking to uncover the truth.


Instant Checkmate provides comprehensive reports that are both detailed and easy to comprehend. This means you can quickly and effortlessly uncover the information you need to make informed decisions about your relationship.

In addition to the standard reports, Instant Checkmate offers a premium report add-on service. This service allows you to uncover any unknown email addresses associated with the person you are investigating. By leveraging this feature, you can gain even more insight into your partner's activities and potentially discover hidden digital communication channels.

Key features of Instant Checkmate

  • Phone Numbers: Instant Checkmate provides access to phone numbers associated with an individual. By searching these numbers, you can identify who your partner has been talking to and potentially uncover any suspicious contacts.
  • Criminal Records: This service also enables you to access criminal records, allowing you to check if your partner has a history of dishonesty or questionable behavior.
  • Employment and Educational Background: Instant Checkmate provides employment and educational background information. This feature can be especially useful if you suspect that your partner may be lying about their job or educational qualifications.
  • Social Media Accounts: With Instant Checkmate, you can also discover any social media accounts linked to the person you are investigating. By examining their online presence, you can further assess their activities and potentially uncover incriminating evidence.

Pricing of Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate offers a monthly subscription starting from $35.12 per month, which includes unlimited reverse phone lookups. For those specifically interested in reverse phone lookups, Instant Checkmate offers a separate plan priced at $5.99 per month.

Pros and cons of Instant Checkmate

Detailed and easy-to-understand reports.The service may not be available in all countries.
Affordable monthly subscription with unlimited reverse phone lookups.Some information may be limited or unavailable due to privacy laws or data restrictions.
Premium report add-on service for uncovering unknown email addresses.
Wide range of information, including phone numbers, criminal records, employment and educational background, and social media accounts.

Instant Checkmate is a powerful tool for catching cheaters. With its detailed reports, affordable pricing, and comprehensive range of features, it provides individuals with the necessary information to uncover infidelity. Whether you want to investigate phone numbers, criminal records, employment and educational background, or social media accounts, Instant Checkmate has you covered. 

Best website to catch a cheater FAQ

What is the best site to find cheaters?

There is no specific “best” site to find cheaters, as the effectiveness of any site will depend on various factors such as the user base, features offered, and privacy considerations. However, there are several popular websites and online platforms that can be used to catch cheaters, such as social media platforms, dating apps, and online forums dedicated to infidelity. It is important to remember that using such sites should be done ethically and legally, and respecting the privacy of others is crucial.

How to catch cheaters online?

Catching cheaters online can be a difficult task, but there are several strategies that can be employed. Firstly, it is important to be observant of any suspicious behavior or changes in communication patterns. Monitoring social media activity, checking browsing history, and reviewing messaging apps can provide valuable information. Additionally, using specialized software or hiring a professional investigator can help gather evidence. However, it is essential to respect privacy laws and obtain consent when accessing someone else's online activities.

What websites are used for cheating?

There are various websites and platforms that individuals may use for cheating purposes. Online dating websites and apps, social media platforms, and messaging applications are commonly used by individuals seeking extramarital affairs or relationships. Additionally, there are websites specifically designed for facilitating discreet encounters. It is important to note that the use of such websites for unethical purposes is discouraged, and respecting the privacy and consent of individuals is essential.

How can I check my partner's phone for cheating?

Checking a partner's phone for signs of cheating should only be done with their consent or within the boundaries of a legal investigation. If you suspect infidelity, open and honest communication is often the best approach. However, if you have valid reasons and your partner agrees, you can check their phone for suspicious activities such as unfamiliar contacts, deleted messages, or hidden apps. Utilizing specialized software or seeking professional help may also be an option. It is crucial to respect privacy laws and trust in a relationship.