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Do you want to secretly listen in on conversations without anyone knowing? Are you looking for the best free spy listening apps for Android devices? If so, then look no further. In this article, we will be discussing some of the top-rated and most reliable spy listening apps that are available today. With these applications, you can easily record audio from any location at any time with complete discretion. Whether it's a private conversation or a public announcement, these apps can help you keep tabs on whatever is happening around you. So read on to find out more about these amazing tools and how they can benefit your life!

Best spy listening app for Android

Here, we've compiled a list of the top 5 spy listening apps for Android that provide free access to an Android remote microphone. These apps allow you to keep an ear on private conversations, monitor your children's activities, and even catch your partner in the act of cheating. So, without further ado, let's dive into the details and explore the capabilities of each of these apps.

AppBest forPriceFree TrialCompatibility
uMobixBest for secretly listening to phone conversations and surroundings$13/mo (12-month plan)Yes, 1-day free trialAndroid/iOs
mSpyBest for monitoring real-time, calls, messages, and media files remotely$11.66/mo (12-month plan)14-day money-back guaranteeAndroid/iOs
SpybubbleBest for a wide range of spying activities such as call logs, SMS tracking$49.99/month14-day money-back guaranteeAndroid/iOs
HoverwatchBest for recording audio clips from the target Android device$24.95/month14-day money-back guaranteeAndroid
XNSPYBest for monitoring WhatsApp activity on the target device with full discretion$59.99/month14-day money-back guaranteeAndroid/iOs

1. uMobix – Best for secretly listening to phone conversations and surroundings

uMobix is undeniably the best spy app when it comes to secretly listening to phone conversations and surroundings. With its cutting-edge technology, it provides unrivaled spy capabilities that give users access to valuable information about the activities of their target.

One of the most impressive features of uMobix as a spy app is its ability to listen in on phone conversations in real-time. Users can remotely activate the call recording feature, allowing them to listen in on conversations as they happen without anyone being aware. Furthermore, uMobix offers exceptional sound quality, making it easy to hear every word spoken during the conversation.

In addition to secretly listening to phone conversations, uMobix can also secretly record audio of the surrounding environment. By remotely turning on the device's microphone, users can listen in on what is happening in the target's surroundings without them suspecting anything. This feature is especially useful for parents who want to keep tabs on their children's activities or employers who want to monitor their employees' activities during work hours.

Moreover, uMobix offers several other advanced features that make it the ultimate spy app. These features include GPS tracking, access to messages, social media chats, browsers, and call logs. Users can also receive alerts whenever the target device enters or leaves a specific location, making it easy to know the whereabouts of the target at all times.

Pros and cons of uMobix


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Records ambient sound, including conversations
  • Can be used on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Has a powerful built-in search feature for finding recordings quickly and easily
  • Fully encrypted storage of recorded data


  • Records can only be accessed via the uMobix platform or app
  • Limited customization options available
  • No installation required but requires an online subscription to access all features

2. mSpy – Best for monitoring real-time, calls, messages, and media files remotely

mSpy is a powerful Android remote microphone spy app that has become increasingly popular among concerned parents and employers who want to monitor the activities of their kids or employees, respectively. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, mSpy enables you to track calls, messages, and media files remotely from the convenience of your own device.

One of the standout features of mSpy is its real-time monitoring capabilities. This means that you can listen in on calls and conversations as they happen, giving you valuable insights into what is being said and ensuring that you remain one step ahead of any potential issues.

In addition to call monitoring, mSpy also enables you to track text messages and multimedia files, such as photos and videos, remotely. This can be particularly useful for parents who want to make sure that their kids are not being exposed to inappropriate content, such as violent or sexually explicit material.

Another key advantage of mSpy is its flexibility. The app works on both Android and iOS devices, and can be easily installed on any compatible smartphone or tablet. This means that you can easily monitor the activities of multiple devices from a single location, making it a great choice for managing a large family or team of employees.

Pros and cons of mSpy


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Can be used on multiple phone devices simultaneously
  • Offers a variety of features for monitoring activities of the target device
  • Allows remote access to recorded audio files from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Automatically records ambient sound without any manual intervention


  • Not the most affordable spying solution out there
  • Some users may find it difficult to navigate around its graphically intense interface
  • May raise privacy concerns when used without permission from all parties involved in the recording

3. Spybubble – Best for a wide range of spying activities such as call logs, SMS tracking

Spybubble is one of the best Android remote microphone spy apps available in the market. It is a comprehensive software that offers a wide range of spying activities including call logs, SMS tracking, and all this in stealth mode. It has become quite popular among parents who want to keep an eye on their children or employers who want to monitor their employees.

The app is user-friendly and easy to install. Once installed, Spybubble collects all the data from the target device in real-time, delivering it to the user's dashboard for easy monitoring.

Another remarkable feature of this app is its remote microphone spy capability. It allows the user to listen to the conversations of the target device without their knowledge, providing a more comprehensive insight into what's happening around the person.

Additionally, Spybubble has a reliable GPS tracking feature that enables the user to track the location of the target device in real-time. This feature can be helpful in emergencies or when the device is lost or stolen.

Pros and cons of Spybubble


  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ability to record ambient sound on phone without alerting the user
  • Data is securely stored in a cloud storage system for further access


  • Requires payment for full access
  • Limited features available with basic version

4. Hoverwatch – Best for recording audio clips from the target Android device

Hoverwatch is one of the best Android remote microphone spy apps available in the market right now. It has gained huge popularity due to its incredible features that allow users to record audio clips from the target Android device without being noticed by the user.

With this app, you can easily record conversations, speeches, and other audio recordings that can be useful for various purposes. The most amazing part of this app is that it works in a completely stealth mode, which means that the user of the target device won't even know that their mic is being used for recording purposes.

Hoverwatch has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to operate it. To start monitoring, all you need to do is download and install the app on the target device. Once the installation is complete, the app runs in the background without being detected.

In addition to audio recording and location tracking, Hoverwatch also has other features that make it an all-in-one spy app. These features include SMS tracking, call recording, social media monitoring, and more.

Pros and cons of Hoverwatch


  • Ability to discretely record ambient sound on a phone remotely
  • Easy to use and navigate interface
  • Allows you to monitor multiple devices at the same time
  • Can be used on both Android and iOS devices


  • Cannot monitor calls or text messages directly
  • Limited features if you are using the free version of Hoverwatch
  • Does not always accurately track locations

5. XNSPY – Best for monitoring WhatsApp activity on the target device with full discretion

XNSPY is undoubtedly one of the best Android remote microphone spy apps available in the market today. Its ability to record WhatsApp calls, messages, and other activity on the target device is truly remarkable. The app is designed with full discretion in mind, ensuring that the user's identity and intention remain anonymous at all times.

One of the standout features of XNSPY is its remote microphone capabilities. This feature allows the user to listen in on the phone's surroundings without raising any suspicion. Additionally, the app can be used to record calls, both incoming and outgoing, making it an ideal tool for those who want to keep tabs on their loved ones or employees.

Another major advantage of XNSPY is its ability to spy on WhatsApp conversations. This popular messaging app is used by millions of people around the world, but its end-to-end encryption can make it difficult to monitor. XNSPY overcomes this obstacle by allowing users to read all the messages sent and received on the target device, including media files such as photos, videos, and voice notes.

XNSPY's control panel is user-friendly and allows real-time monitoring of the target device. The app records all the activity logs and sends them to the user's account which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. The app is also compatible with a wide range of Android devices, including the latest models, making it a versatile tool for anyone who wants to keep a close eye on their loved ones or employees.

Pros and cons of XNSPY 


  • Easy to install and setup
  • Ability to monitor call logs, text messages, emails, and photos on the target device
  • Offers ambient sound recording feature to record voice from the surrounding environment of the target phone
  • Tracks real-time location of the target user via GPS tracking system
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices without requiring root or jailbreak respectively
  • Remote control features with commands like wipe data and lock device remotely available


  • Expensive compared to other similar apps in terms of pricing structure
  • No live customer support as all requests are handled by email only
  • Occasionally faces login issues due to server errors

How can I listen to another phone's surroundings remotely?

uMobix is a cell phone monitoring software that provides comprehensive and reliable monitoring services for parents, employees or anyone who wants to keep their loved ones safe. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to install uMobix and use the audio stream feature to record sounds around a targeted device.

  1. To use uMobix, you first need to create an account. Go to the uMobix website and click the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Provide your email address and create a password then confirm your account through your email.
  3. After creating an account, choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.
  4. Once you have purchased a subscription plan, you need to install uMobix on the target device. The installation process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes.
  5. Go to the uMobix website from your device, download and install the app according to the instructions provided.
  6. After installation, open the app, and configure the settings. Ensure that the target device has a reliable internet connection to allow for smooth operation. You can then tailor the features to your preference, including the audio stream feature.
  7. Log in to your uMobix account and go to the control panel. From the panel, click on “Audio Stream,” and you will see a list of available options. Select the device you wish to stream and hit the record button. The app will record and upload the sound recordings to your control panel.

Spy listening app for Android FAQ

Can an Android phone be used as a listening device?

Yes, an Android phone can be used as a listening device. There are many surveillance apps available for download on the Google Play Store that allow users to remotely listen in and record audio from the microphone of any Android smartphone. However, most of these apps require physical access to the device in order to install them properly, so use caution when using one of these apps without permission. Additionally, do note that some jurisdictions may have restrictions or laws against using someone's phone as a listening device without their knowledge.

Is there an app to listen in on conversations?

Yes, there are applications available to listen in on conversations. These apps vary in their features and may include recording options, audio playback, filtering capabilities for specific words or phrases, and more.

What are spy apps disguised as on Android?

Spy apps on Android can be disguised as many things, including messaging and social media apps, calculators, photo editing tools, games, etc. They may also appear to be a normal app but with an inconspicuous icon or unmarked settings. Many spy apps will hide their true functions by disguising them in the app's description and details in order to not alert the user that they are installed. Some more advanced spy apps can even disguise themselves as legitimate system processes so that they cannot easily be detected.

Is there an app to see if someone is snooping on your phone?

Yes, there are several apps available that can detect if someone is snooping on your phone. These tools use advanced monitoring systems to alert the user when someone is accessing their device without permission. Additionally, these apps often provide other features such as taking screenshots of suspicious activity and sending notifications when a new app or service is installed.