The Best Free Parental Control Apps for iPhone 2021

Smart devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. This has majorly affected our younger generation because almost all activities get intertwined with advanced technology. Being able to play interesting games online, watching movies and online classes needs internet throughout and because children stay exposed to all of this every day, maintaining a close bond with them gets difficult. Therefore one should consider the best parental control app for keeping track of the daily activities of the child while maintaining close bonding. 

What Are The Best Parental Control Apps? 

At this age and time, being constantly involved with children isn’t something that’s always possible as usually, both parents are having full-time jobs to maintain as well. And our kids are constantly on their smartphones for almost everything. Children tend to get addicted to online gaming or other apps and completely neglecting other activities. And as they are exposed to internet content each day, there is a probability of them ending up adapting some wrong habits. 


So it is beneficial that parents can keep a watch on the phone usage of their kids as much as they can. The old way of just telling them that it’s not good to be on phone constantly clearly doesn’t work anymore. And it will be best that one searches for an innovative way for parenting and that is through the best parental control app for iPhone.

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Here are some of the main functions and features of a quality parental control app:

Social Media Monitoring 

You can see who all your children are connected to on social media apps. Also, everything that they are uploading or being sent can be seen at a click of a button.

Content Blocking and Filtering 

This feature lets parents restrict some of the apps and content that the user can have access to. It is going to filter out anything inappropriate for children. 

Location Tracking 

With this feature, you can get the geographic location of your child’s phone or tab in real-time.

Text and Call Monitoring 

This function will let you see all of the texts and calls from your child’s phone and some app even lets you hear these conversations and the details of text communication as well. 

Real-Time Notifications 

You can know about calls, social media posts, locations in real-time. You get notifications as soon as there is some communication happening and you can keep track in this manner. 

Payment Blocking 

This feature will make sure that your child isn’t able to make any kinds of payments like purchasing online games or sending money to anybody else online. 

Are there any free parental control apps for iPhones? 

Yes! There are some quality free parental control apps for Android and iPhone. Some of them include Google Family Link and free versions of Kaspersky Safe Kids. A lot of these apps have robust features but it is always recommended that you go for the paid parental control app for iPhone as this provides better features like geolocation, tracking browser/call history, social media platforms, emails, and even text messages can be tracked. 

Top 10 Best Free Parental Control Apps for iPhone 

You might be wondering if the best free parental control software that you can use for your child’s safety, right? Well, for helping you get the best tools for the task, here we have for you our top ten best free parental control apps for iPhone 2021, so keep reading!


NEXSPY is one of the best parental control apps that you can go for if your child has an iPhone. The app has been created for successful tracking and monitoring. The features it provides can come in handy when needed. There are basic as well as advanced functions for monitoring not just iPhones but also other devices.

You will be able to track the real-time geolocation and even the location history of the target device. Then you also get alerts for specific keywords. This is useful when any inappropriate messages are being sent, typed, or being received on the child’s device and you will instantly get information on it.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

There is also a feature that lets you see the messages on social media like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, Tinder, Line, Viber, Kik, and Instagram. All of the multimedia files will be visible to you and if you want you can restrict zones and also get alerts when needed. 


  • NEXSPY is high quality and stable tracking app and comes with several advanced features.
  • You have amazing 24/7 client support in case you face any issues.
  • The app is easy to use and you get a detailed online dashboard and secure access. 
  • NEXSPY is free to try.


  • It will need Jailbreak for the iOS version.
Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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This is one of the best applications where you can also get your children involved. A powerful app that can be used on iPhones as well. OurPact provides you with quality features like geofencing, time allowances, and location tracking on iOS devices.


In 2019, Apple had removed OurPact from their store, but the same year in July Apple did ease up on some of the restrictions and OurPact had been reinstated. There was a time when OurPact had been the only app that was able to block or manage any of the iOS apps. 

This is also the best parental control app for android and assists kids with their daily screen-time allowance. With the filter feature, any unwanted sites can be blocked.


  • Quality design
  • Easy navigation


  • Limited filters
  • No text or call monitoring
  • Can be expensive for some


mSpy is an iPhone spy app, it can be used for monitoring your child’s activities online, ensure that company employees aren’t stealing data, and showing the reality of online activities of your spouse.

mspy cost

It can be used for tracking calls and is functional for iPhone and Android devices as well. There is the function of GPS tracking that will let you know where your child’s been going. And you can make sure they are out of any dangerous situations.


  • Doesn’t need Jail Break
  • No need for Root
  • Instant installation
  • GPS tracking


  • Doesn’t support BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian
  • One cannot activate a secret camera
  • Calls cannot be recorded


This is an easy-to-use app that comes with several tools for parental control that can give you information on the development of virtual habits of your child. You can use it for monitoring text messages, any online bullying, etc.

bark parental control app

You get instant alerts when it observes flagged posts, texts, emails, or pictures. Apart from that, they have recently added the web filter and screen time feature as well. 


  • You can monitor all of the content on social media
  • They send email and text alerts
  • Works on iOS and Android devices
  • Free trial of 7 days


  • Doesn’t have the function of website blocking
  • The paid version can get expensive


FamiSafe provides an array of features that can assist you to monitor your children. Now you will be able to see if your kid is becoming the victim of any cyberbullying if they are looking at porn, exchanging illicit text, or downloading any bad content from the web.


You will also get information on the whereabouts of your kids in real-time. Once you can track the location, you can monitor the kid’s phone and keep them safe from any potential risk. The app is also able to monitor YouTube history and this feature is mainly available for iOS users.


  • Live location tracking
  • Screen time scheduling
  • Parents can set restrictions for multiple phones
  • Provides many monitoring options
  • No requirement for jailbreak/root for installation on any device


  • The app doesn’t run invisibly
  • Your child can also uninstall it although you get alerts


This is an app that can be used for desktops, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. And the best part is that you can set restrictions on time of usage for individual apps as well. They have also added the feature of geofencing since the year2019. 

When compared with Android devices the number of apps you can manage on iOS is lesser. The call and SMS tracking feature only work for Android devices.


  • A wide array of features for different devices
  • Has a real-time geo-tracking feature


  • It can be very expensive
  • The web portal is outdated


The main function of the Family time app is the way it acts as a filter. It will block access to any website that can be harmful or inappropriate pages from opening.


The app also has the feature for limiting the screen time of your child. The app has a control panel that’s easy to use and is compatible with many kinds of devices. Also has the feature for family location tracking


  • The user interface is simple to use
  • Well compatible with several devices
  • Supports geofencing accurately


  • All expected features are not available
  • This is an expensive app when compared with others


Mobicip is the app that allows you to monitor and control the child’s activities for tablets and mobiles. The app also lets you filter out specific websites and blocking any kind of inappropriate content. You even have the choice of taking a look at the browsing history for the past four weeks. One can also set the screen time by scheduling and also locking few apps on the device.


  • It works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, and even Kindle
  • The content filter feature is excellent
  • The premium version also has quality time controls


  • There isn’t any live client support
  • When the site is busy, there is a lag seen in the information you get
  • No feature for monitoring social networking websites

Net Nanny

This is one of the best parental control apps for iOS devices that you can go for. It has great technology for web-filtering and an intuitive design.

net nany

Although some of the abilities for iOS had been affected because of the policy changes that Apple made recently.  You can track the location of the child, set schedules and time allowances. Also, you can block specific apps and websites.


  • Good design
  • Has the best web filters.
  • Works well with iOS and Android versions


  • Cannot track text/call information
  • Slightly expensive

Through Family Link, you will enjoy several features that also provide you with peace of mind. There is a good web filter feature where you will have control over any online content that your child can see. One can also block apps and mature websites if needed. Also, the online activities can be monitored in a manner where you will be able to see the screen time. 


  • This is a free app
  • Can be used on iOS and Android both


  • When compared with other apps on the list, features are limited
  • Don’t log search history or website activities

Why should you consider using parental control apps for iPhone? 

There are several reasons for considering the use of cell phone parental control app, but the major one is being able to know about any secrets that your child is keeping from you and making sure you are protecting them from cybercrimes at all times.

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Some of these apps let you know the location of your child, and you get alerts in case they are in a place where they shouldn’t have been. This provides you enough time for taking relevant actions.

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With parental control software being installed in your phone, you are offering quality assistance, for regulating the kid’s habits online. They come with several features for helping the kids with exploring, learning, and enjoying the online connections with safety. We recommend that you consider investing in the best security software for also keeping the child protected and safe at all times.

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