10 Best Family Tracking Apps for iPhone & Android 2021

A family locator app is a great way to keep connected throughout the day while also ensuring the safety and security of children of all ages. Android spy apps and iPhone spy apps are available, acting as a free child tracker app and parental control app. After installing the app, you have to choose and touch on the options to acquire the information you need about each family member. Families today have a lot on their plates, and their schedules are often conflicting. It is challenging to keep up with each other daily when both parents and children have so much.

How does a Family Locator app work?

A phone can be located on a map using a family finder app. With the use of GPS, the app can identify the location of another phone. This technology is straightforward, and it can assist you and your loved ones in locating each other’s phones in real-time.

See where your relatives have been

The location history feature allows parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts throughout the day. They can keep track of where their teenagers are and what they’ve been up to, as well as ensure that their children arrive at scheduled events on time, such as baseball practice or swim lessons. While there may not be time to converse on the phone during the day, family members can check in on each other’s whereabouts quickly and effortlessly. It’s also a good way for parents to create trust with their children by allowing them to check if their children are speaking the truth about where they’ve been.


A family GPS app tracker allows you to see where each family member was at any given time. To stay up to date, you don’t have to log in every minute. All you have to do is look through the app’s location history to see where the person has been. You can keep check of your child’s activities, such as if they skipped school or went to after-school basketball practice, and much more.

Mobile Geofencing

Geofences are fictitious geographic limits set up in GPS apps to keep track of children. Parents can choose safe geographical zones for their children so that when the youngster exits certain areas, the parent receives notifications and can take appropriate action. For optimal security, you can create numerous geofences. You can utilize this tool to ensure that teens who are driving do not travel beyond particular locations.

Getting Alerts

You may set up scheduled location alerts with the app. It sends you notifications when your children check in at a specific location and in the event of an emergency. You can set areas such as home or school, and you will be notified when a family member enters or exits the location or when the youngster requires your assistance. Parents can also set up speed alerts to tell them when their children go over the speed limit.

Chat with family members

Individuals can text one-on-one using the family chat tool, allowing everyone to communicate within a group text. It’s a terrific method to keep everyone updated on the day’s plans, as well as for kids to check in and parents to see who’s doing what. Parents can see where their children are in real-time and write to them in the chat to ask questions, confirm plans, and more.


Features that keep family members bonded include

With the job, school, social events, and other commitments, it can be difficult for parents and children to stay connected and informed throughout the day. Families with a lot on their plates need a simple, effective way to communicate and check-in with one another. A family locator app lets parents know where their children are while they are out and about, and children stay safe while they are out and about.

Family members are constantly going, from parents working or running errands to youngsters going to school and other locations. It’s crucial to know that everyone in your family is protected, no matter where they are. The Family GPS tracking app is easy to track down your loved ones and remain in touch with close ones. You can effortlessly keep track of your family using the app, giving you peace of mind.

10 best family locator apps for Android and iPhone


NEXSPY is a monitoring app that can be used both as an Android spy app and an iPhone spy app. It is amongst the best phone tracker app without permission from the target and thereby takes complete control of the phone and keeps you up to date on everything, no matter where you are.

Check-in on your children to see where they are, who they are talking to, and what they are doing online. NEXSPY lets you keep an eye on your children without being physically present with them, thereby being the best parental control app.

A parent writes, “NEXSPY has been the best family tracking app till now. Now I can track my kid’s phone easily and monitor his regular activities.”

NEXSPY dashboard 1

With over 40 innovative features, NEXSPY is the most comprehensive phone monitoring app on the market. Nothing is hidden from you with NEXSPY, including calls, SMS, location, Facebook, WhatsApp, photographs, emails, and more.


  • You may track the target device’s current location and see its location history.
  • Sign up for keyword alerts. Receive notifications when a specific word occurs in a search, email, or message.
  • It is also usable as a child tracker app for free.
  • Examine their social media posts. WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger are all examples of this.
  • Please take a look at their multimedia files.
  • You can also create restricted zones and receive notifications when they enter them.
  • Full stealth mode is available. Your loved ones won’t be aware that you’re spying on them with NEXSPY. Thus they form the best phone tracker app, which does not need the permission of the target.
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  • It has an advanced tracking application that is stable and high-quality.
  • Excellent customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you have a problem.
  • With a complete online dashboard and secure access, it’s simple to use.
  • Try it for free.


  • For this to be used as an iPhone spy app, a jailbreak is necessary.


mSpy is a smartphone and PC monitoring software. You can see what a person is doing on their Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac device in particular. You can monitor various Android and iOS devices, such as call and SMS tracker, social network communications, rendering them both Android and iPhone spy apps. There are several situations in which monitoring a smartphone makes sense.

mspy cost

Apart from essential monitoring functions such as SMS, call records, emails, browsing history, real-time GPS monitoring, etc., your target’s smartphone can examine deleted, read, and unread messages and emails. It was made as a parental control app and is one of the most reliable services to track my kid’s phone.

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It’s one of the best family tracker app for Android and iPhone. If you have GPS, you can keep track of your busy family with the FamiSafe Parental Control App without troubling them all day. You can use your phone or workplace computer to conduct a quick location check to ensure that your child arrives on time for morning dancing practice.

This app keeps track of your current location and geo-fencing. It lets you see their exact location, including a street address and landmark, create a safe zone and receive real-time notifications when the child departs and enters the Geo-fence. This software works fantastic as a parental control app.


This app is also password-protected, so only parents and carers can see where their children are. Thus they prove themselves as the best phone tracker app that one can use without permission. It is a parental control program that has all of the features that most parents want. In addition, the screen time control tool allows parents to set a restriction on how much time their children spend on their phones.

FamiSafe has the following features:

  • Track your location
  • App Filtering
  • Filtering the Internet
  • Limiting screen time
  • Customizable remote control and personalization settings, as well as other features.

The app works well with iOS and also is helpful as an Android spy app.


The Family Locator tool on Qustodio allows you to track your daughter’s phone without her knowing. Family Locator is a tracking app for Android and iOS devices that you can access through the Parents’ App. Only Premium users have access to this feature.

It would help if you allowed location tracking for all devices to keep track of your children’s whereabouts. Enable location monitoring for everyone in your Family Portal. You can find it under the Rules tab.

On your child’s device, you must also grant location rights.

The Qustodio Parents’ App is the only way to use the Family Locator. A new option on the menu allows you to access the feature.

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Life360 was designed to benefit the entire family. It is rated as one of the best family tracking app that allows you to trace your loved ones and check their past locations. You’ll be able to connect with your family through this app, so it’ll be a win-win situation. Life360 is an easy-to-use program that is also absolutely free.

Another great feature of this software is that if your kids get into a car and start driving somewhere, the app will instantly locate their phone and place it on the map. The software not only tells you where they’re going, but it also follows them around and shows you where they’re going. Thus, this is a good child tracker app available for free. It is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Glympse provides you with real-time information on your family members’ whereabouts. Glympse allows you to learn about the GPS positions of other family members rapidly and also to track your son’s iPhone without him knowing.

Launch the Glympse app, press the “New Glympse” button, then send a text message or email to the person you wish to track. A link is included in the text or email. You obtain their location information on your phone after they open this link. It gives you real-time information about where someone is at any given time.

Glympse differs from other location tracker apps in that it does not require you to install any software on another person’s smartphone. It just opens the link you sent using the phone’s browser. Glympse is one of the best free family tracker apps accessible right now because of this functionality.

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This best family tracking app comes with a slew of security measures to put your mind at ease. When a family member’s battery is low, GPSWOX Family Locator will notify you and provide you with their current location, so you won’t have to worry if your child or spouse isn’t in contact. You can also receive notifications when members arrive at a specific location. You can also set alarms to track the group’s younger and less experienced drivers’ typical speeds.

The software also allows you to view a member’s location history for the last 30 days, allowing you to view exactly where they were during that period. It is designed to be an excellent parental control app where you can use as a child tracker app for free. This software has many beneficial characteristics as the other apps on this list, but it also has some extra safety features that set it apart. It can be used as an Android spy app and in iPhones, owing to its broad reach.

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Find My Kid

Find My Kids is an Android and iPhone spy app and is one of the best child tracking app for free use that pinpoints a child’s location the phone’s position every 15 minutes. It is accomplished using a smartphone’s GPS sensor and Internet connectivity protocols such as Wi-Fi and mobile internet.


It isn’t the application’s only feature; it also:

  • Maintains a record of the child’s whereabouts.
  • If a youngster exits a defined area, it sends a notification to a parent’s phone.
  • Record sound surrounding a child’s phone if necessary (for Android devices)
  • Defines the device settings that hinder the app from running normally and assists in their resolution.
  • Keeps track of the battery life and app usage on the child’s phone.

Google Family Link allows parents to control their children’s gadgets to varying degrees throughout a family group.

It enables you to set up and administer a Google account for your child. This account functions similarly to an adult account, except that the account’s Google access is limited.

  • Take control of parental controls across all Google services, thus being an excellent parental control app.
  • Approve or disallow apps from the Google Play Store that your child wants to install.
  • With weekly or monthly activity reports, parents can see how much time their child spends on their applications.
  • Limit your child’s screen usage daily. 
  • Set daily app restrictions for each app. 
  • Set a bedtime for your gadget. 
  • Track your child’s phone.
  • Lock your child’s device remotely.
  • View all devices on which your child’s account is active.
  • Make noise to help you find a child’s gadget.

Find My Friends

The app permitted a person authorized by the user and possessed an Apple device to access the user’s Apple mobile device’s GPS position, thus serving as an iPhone spy app. You can use the software to track children, relatives, friends, and others such as employees, without being aware of it. Thus it is one of the best family tracking apps and a child tracker app that provides free services.

As a safety precaution, the app could track a person’s location. Other programs, such as Maps and Contacts, were synchronized with My Friends. When you enable Location Services on the iOS device, GPS will calculate the area. Location Services on the device need to be turned on for the apps to work. To summarize, they can be regarded as one of the best phone tracker apps usable without permission.

To sum it up: The best phone tracking app

You should avoid free phone tracking apps. Because those free tracker apps are frequently spyware, they’re designed to steal your information or the information on the target phone. Do some homework before downloading and installing an app. Many app developers offer privacy rules so obscure and perplexing that reading them gives you no idea what they’re doing with your information.

At the absolute least, verify that they have a policy in place and try to learn more about how they handle your data. Read customer evaluations and look for any complaints or data breaches the organization may have experienced. In short, please choose the best family tracking app and ensure their safety.

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