NEXSPY™ is a monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for parental control purposes. It is used by parents to protect their children from online dangers and unwanted exposure. We are the industry leader in the design and development of professional grade monitoring software and is one of the few that offer cross-platform solutions for Android, iOS, PC, Mac. New updates and features are continually released to keep you always stay one step ahead.

We strive to provide the best monitoring solution, easy to use yet powerful, that allows parents to keep their children safe from online dangers.


NEXSPY’s mission is to help parents keep their kids safe online. In today’s digital world, kids are spending more time than ever on their phones – an average of 7 hours a day for teens! Parents can feel powerless as they have no idea what their kids are doing as they navigate the digital world, unsupervised, and unprepared to deal with the dangers that lurk online.

Each day we hear more reports about terrible stories involving sexting, cyberbullying and predators just to name a few, all of which can end in devastating, lifelong circumstances for our children. NEXSPY is here to help parents stay aware of their kids’ online activity and protect them from all these lingering dangers of the digital world.


We are aimed at delivering useful and innovative monitoring solutions that are easy to use yet powerful. Our team of talented and professional individuals is dedicated to creates software of the highest quality, to satisfy all possible needs of modern parents. NEXSPY has been providing monitoring and parental control solutions for mobile phones, tablets, and computers all over the world since its establishment. Our software is extensively tested in a variety of environments to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The most reliable monitoring solution

We always strive to make the NEXSPY the best and most reliable parental monitoring solution. We value every user’s voice and keep close eyes on users’ ever-changing needs. To date, people all over the world have used NEXSPY as their monitoring solution choice.

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